High head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump
  • High head heavy duty MZJ slurry pumpHigh head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump
  • High head heavy duty MZJ slurry pumpHigh head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump
  • High head heavy duty MZJ slurry pumpHigh head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump

High head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump

As a special kind of slurry pump, high head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump a single-stage single suction slurry pump. The pump body adopts internal and external bimetallic structure, and the pump shell is vertical middle open outlet. The nozzle can rotate eight different positions at 45 ° intervals.

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Product Description

What is high head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump?
(1)Definition of high head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump
MZJ slurry pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for electricity
In power, metallurgy, coal, building materials and other industries, the treatment medium is abrasive or corrosive slurry containing solid particles, and the mixed concentration of solid and liquid mortar is 45%,
The slurry is 60% and the medium temperature is ≤ 60 ° C. This type of pump can be used in multi-stage and cascade.
Pump body, pump cover and overflow parts: this series of pumps are horizontal, vertical medium type, double pump shell structure slurry pumps. The pump body and cover are provided with replaceable
The metal lining is made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy. The lining can be used until it is worn through, so as to prolong the maintenance cycle and reduce the operation cost. pump
The outlet direction of the can be rotated and installed at 8 angles.

High head heavy duty slurry pump

Bearing assembly: the bearing assembly of the pump adopts cylindrical structure, which is convenient to adjust the clearance between the impeller and the front guard plate. It can be removed as a whole during maintenance. Bearing
Grease lubrication.
Shaft seal (seal): the shaft seal types of the pump include packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal and mechanical seal.
Transmission mode: V-belt drive, elastic coupling drive, gear reducer drive, hydraulic coupling drive, variable frequency drive
Thyristor speed regulation, etc. Among them, V-belt drives include Cl, CV, Cr, ZL, zv and Zr drives.
Overall performance: the pump has wide performance range, good cavitation performance and high efficiency. Multistage series technology can be adopted to meet long-distance transportation. Overcurrent
Components are available in a variety of metals and increase depth. A variety of speeds and variants are adopted to make the pump run under the best industrial and mining conditions. send
With long service life and high operation efficiency, it can meet many kinds of bad transportation conditions.

High head heavy duty slurry pump

(2) Model description of high head heavy duty MZJ slurry pump
Domestic ZJ slurry pump is equivalent to domestic ezj. It's actually two different names for the same product.
MZJ series slurry pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single suction, cantilever, double pump shell and centrifugal slurry pumps.
The overflow parts of MZJ slurry pumps with the same caliber can be interchanged. The outline and installation dimensions are identical. MZJ series slurry pump
The transmission part of the adopts horizontal split thin oil lubrication bracket, and is equipped with internal and external cooling systems, and cooling water can be added if necessary.
There are two types of shaft seals for MZJ series slurry pumps: auxiliary impeller and packing combined seal and mechanical seal.
Mechanical seal with high-pressure shaft seal water is recommended for all series slurry pumps (secondary or above). Single stage or series stage 1 is filled with auxiliary impeller
Material combined seal.

Product purpose:
After special treatment, it is used for seawater ash removal and electrochemical corrosion of seawater and salt spray;
It can be used in series in multiple stages within the allowable pressure range, and its allowable maximum working pressure is 3.6mpa.

High head heavy duty slurry pump

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