Hydraulic Submersible Sand Pump
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Hydraulic Submersible Sand Pump

Hydraulic Dredge Sewage Electric Submersible Slurry Pump Submerged Mud Sludge Slurry Sand Solids Slush Effluent Vertical Submersible Hydraulic Dredge Excavator Pump
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Hydraulic submersible slurry pump:
Power: 24 to 400 HP
Flow: 60 to 1200 m ³/ hour
Lift: 5 to 50 m
Conveying distance: up to 1300 meters
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Matching excavator parameters:
Power: from 11 to 30 horsepower
Speed: 30 to 50 rpm
Fuel consumption: 35/46/58 l/min
Pressure: 250 bar

Features of submersible slurry pump:
• Drive mode: electric and hydraulic heavy-duty submersible mud pump
• Hydraulic cutting machine for digging dense solids
• Dredging equipment with high concentration and high working depth
• Customized pumping stations for special applications

Hydraulic motor:
The reliability and flexibility of hydraulic motors are widely recognized.
Our pump is equipped with a hydraulic motor (excavator or hydraulic oil station), the power can reach 400 horsepower, and the speed can be adjusted when working.
The problem of inefficiency loss at different speeds and the problem of no electric shock in electrical devices make hydraulic pumps the right choice for complex pumping and dredging applications.

Hydraulic Submersible Sand Pump

The product introduction of parts of submersible slurry pump products easy to be consumed:
1. Sealing ring
The sealing ring is a ring shaped part installed on the pump shell or the inner hole of the pump cover corresponding to the impeller inlet. It is used to prevent the high-pressure liquid at the impeller outlet from flowing back to the impeller inlet, which causes the liquid flow short circuit to circulate in the pump, thus preventing the pressure at the outlet of the slurry pump from decreasing.
At the same time, with the help of the sealing ring, the wear of the pump shell can be delayed and the service life of the pump shell can be prolonged. The outer circle of the ring and the inner hole of the pump shell can achieve a small interference fit, and the inner circle and the impeller inlet end outer circle realize the clearance fit.

2.  Axial seal
The axial sealing of slurry pump can prevent the external air from entering the pump shell, and at the same time, it can prevent the leakage of high-pressure liquid in the pump shell along the axial direction. The common axial seal is packing seal and mechanical seal.

4. Packing seal
Packing seal is to install elastic packing into packing box. When it is compressed by packing gland, packing will produce radial expansion, fill the gap between shaft sleeve and packing box, which plays the role of sealing.
The packing shall be squeezed properly. The packing is too tight, although it can reduce leakage, the friction loss between the packing and the shaft increases, which will reduce the life of the packing and shaft, and cause heat and smoke in serious cases, and even burn the packing and shaft; If the pressure is too loose, it can not play a sealing role.

5. Mechanical seal
Mechanical seal is a sealing device which is made up of the end face of static ring and moving ring and rotating. The moving ring is installed on the rotating shaft and rotates with the rotating shaft; The stationary ring is fixed to the pump housing. The reason why the two ends are always tightly connected is realized by pressing spring through push ring. The dynamic ring and static ring are often made of different materials, and the hardness of the moving ring is larger, while the hardness of the static ring is smaller.
In normal operation, due to the good lapping of two friction surfaces and proper adjustment of spring pressure, a thin liquid film is formed between the two ends during normal operation, which results in good sealing and lubrication conditions, and the degree of neither penetration nor air leakage can be achieved during operation.

6. Shaft sleeve
The role of the sleeve is to protect the pump shaft, and change the friction between the packing and the pump shaft into the friction between the packing and the sleeve. So the shaft sleeve is the vulnerable part of the slurry pump.

Hydraulic Submersible Sand PumpHydraulic Submersible Sand Pump

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