Mechanical Seal of Slurry Pump
  • Mechanical Seal of Slurry PumpMechanical Seal of Slurry Pump

Mechanical Seal of Slurry Pump

A mechanical seal is a shaft sealing device of a rotating machine, which means that at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation are kept in close contact and relatively sliding under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal. Constructed to prevent fluid leakage. Mechanical seal is one of the shaft seal types of slurry pumps.You can rest assured to buy mechanical seal of slurry pump from us.

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1. Composition and structure of mechanical seal of slurry pump:
(1) Mechanical seal is composed of static ring, dynamic ring, compensation buffer mechanism, auxiliary seal ring and transmission mechanism
(2) The end faces of static ring and dynamic ring are perpendicular to the axis of pump and cooperate with each other to form rotary sealing surface
(3) : the static ring and gland, the dynamic ring and the shaft are sealed by the auxiliary seal ring to compensate the buffer mechanism and push the seal ring to move along the axial direction of the pump
(4) : keep the end face of the moving ring and the static ring close, and compensate the wear of the end face of the sealing ring
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2. Advantages of mechanical seal of slurry pump:
(1) The sealing is reliable. In the long period of operation, the sealing state is very stable and the leakage is very small. According to rough statistics, the leakage is only 1 / 100 of the soft packing seal;
(2) : long service life, generally up to 1-2 years or longer in oil and water media, and more than half a year in chemical media;
(3) The friction power consumption of mechanical seal is only 10% ~ 50% of that of soft packing seal;
(4) The shaft or shaft sleeve is basically free from wear;
(5) : long maintenance cycle, automatic compensation after end face wear, under normal circumstances, no need for regular maintenance;
(6) It has good vibration resistance and is insensitive to the vibration and deflection of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the sealing cavity;
(7) Mechanical seal can be used in low temperature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, different speed, corrosive medium and abrasive medium.
(8) Packing seal can not meet the requirement of "zero leakage" in many factories; It has a wide range of basic adaptability and greater randomness. However, in factories, frequent replacement or maintenance will cause great losses to the factories.

3. Disadvantages of mechanical seal of slurry pump:
(1) The structure is complex, and the manufacturing and processing requirements are high;
(2) Installation and replacement are more troublesome and require workers to have a certain installation technical level;
(3) : it is difficult to deal with accidental accidents;
(4) : high one time investment.

Mechanical Seal of Slurry PumpMechanical Seal of Slurry PumpMechanical Seal of Slurry PumpMechanical Seal of Slurry Pump

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