ML Light Slurry Pump

What is DEPUMP®L Light Slurry Pumps?

The L Light Slurry Pumps are cantilever, horizontal double-shell axial suction centrifugal slurry pump. The position of the outlet of DEPUMP®L Light Slurry Pumps can be installed and used at an interval of 45°C and rotated at eight different angles as required.

The pump body of DEPUMP®L Light Slurry Pumps have a replaceable wear-resistant metal lining, and the flow parts such as the impeller, sheath, and guard plate are all made of wear-resistant metal.

What are the advantages of L Light Slurry Pumps?

DEPUMP®L Light Slurry Pumps adopts high-chromium alloy wear-resistant material combined with advanced wear-resistant alloy smelting technology. The casting process and heat treatment process ensure that the surface of the casting is smooth, the internal structure of the casting is precise, and the quality is reliable. Greatly improve the accuracy and service life of wear-resistant castings.

DEPUMP®L Light Slurry Pumps are different from other types of pumps. The same motor power can match various types of pumps, so that there are different head flows.
Compared with Compared with heavy-duty slurry pumps, ML light duty slurry pumps have high speed, small size and light weight, It has the characteristics of reasonable product structure, reliable operation and long service life.And are suitable for conveying fine particles, low-concentration slurry or corrosive slurry. The weight of the conveyed slurry.

What parameters are required for L Light Slurry Pumps selection? 

A. Necessary parameters: head, flow, industry, these are the parameters that must be known in the selection, and are the basic conditions for the selection and calculation of DEPUMP®L Light Slurry Pumps;
B. In addition to the above parameters, if there are: slurry concentration, pipeline, PH value, even altitude, natural temperature, slurry temperature, etc., a better L Light Slurry Pumps can be accurately selected.
Of course, generally speaking, as long as the user provides the head and flow parameters, our engineers can select the appropriate L Light Slurry Pumps model for you according to rich practical applications, but we must remember that head and flow are necessary parameters.

ML Light Slurry Pumps currently mainly has Mining Light Slurry Pump.If you are interested in us, feel free to send us an email, we will reply soon. We will also provide the best after-sales service. Look forward to working with you.

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  • ML series light slurry pump widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, power plant, sand pumping, environmental protection, municipal engineering and other industries. It can be used to transport high concentration and low abrasive slag slurry.Industrial Drilling Mud Water Light Duty Sand Mining Feed Slurry Pump for Mining. Welcome to buy mining light slurry pump from us.

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