Company News

  • As one of the well-known slurry pump suppliers in China, we are very grateful for the support of new and old customers. Thanks to everyone's support, we have become what we are today.


  • As a partner of DEPUMP pump for many years, Canadian customer have just customized a batch of accessories for AH(R) series slurry pump parts, which are 100% interchangeable with Warman pump.


  • Since our company was established in 1998, our centrifugal pumps have been sold to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and we are very grateful to our new and old customers for their strong support.


  • Summary of inspection points for centrifugal pump maintenance:1. Inspection of pump shaft • First clean the pump shaft with kerosene, polish the surface of the pump shaft with sandpaper, and check whether there are grooves and wear on the surface. • At the same time, check the wear of the keyway on the shaft. If the wear of the keyway is too large, reopen the keyway at 1800 opposite the pump shaft.