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Do you know Multistage Water Pump?


1. Depump®- China top multistage water pump supplier:

The Depump® D series multistage centrifugal water pump is high pressure water pump. Firstly, it is water pump, which can be used in hot and cold water circulation. 

Secondly, it is booster pumps, which can be applied in water supply in building water supply, fire fighting, irrigation etc.

2. Model meaning of D type multistage water pump



580 means capacity of the pump is 580m3/h

60 means single stage head is 60m

5 means stang

Total head=60x5=300m

D pump is horizontal centrifugal multistage water pump, which has high pressure.

D series (D/DF/DY/MD)multistage centrifugal water pumps:


Head: 19~680m

DG series multistage centrifugal water pumps:


Head:50-684m (medium and low pressure)

Head:409-1450m (low high pressure)

3. Application of Multistage Water Pump:

Water supply, booster system, condensate,heating & air conditioning, irrigation, sprinkler,

circulation, industries, agricultural, fire fighting system, seawater pumping...

4. Features of Multistage Water Pump:

Multistage pump can convey fresh water without solid particle and suspended solids or other liquids that are similar with fresh water in physical and chemical aspect.

This type pump has two sealing methods: mechanical seal and packing seal.

D / MD pumps mostly use packing seal, DF and DY pumps generally use mechanical sealing.

Multistage pump can use different materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel and ductile iron and so on. The selection of material is depended on different liquids which are conveyed.

The Depump® D series multistage not only produce multistage pumps, but also Horizontal Slurry PumpVertical Slurry PumpSubmersible Slurry Pump

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