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What are the process types of slurry pump?

Sludge pump technology types are: direct discharge, relay discharge, digging and blowing, underwater sand absorption technology, tide waiting construction technology, mud pouring bag construction technology. Here are a few examples:

1. Direct drainage: slurry pump directly drains the mud to the designated position;

2. Relay delivery: can improve the efficiency, the more contacts, the farther the row, do not need high pressure pump flushing;

3. Dig, transport and blow: if there is no soil or sand source in the construction area, dig and transport it from a distance to the construction site and then transport it to the site by the slurry pump unit for filling or filling;

4. Waiting for the tide construction process: the process is affected by the tide, the slag slurry pump is anchored to the beach surface, the high tide makes it float, and the construction continues after the low tide, the sea reclamation project is more use of this process;

5. The mud pouring bag construction process: its process technical requirements and safety requirements are very high, the analysis of meteorological, hydrological, geological, geomorphological and other natural conditions, engineering design, engineering node requirements, fabric, sand selection, the number of slurry pump and distribution as an operation chain