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Installation of slurry pump

Before installation of slurry pump, slurry pump should be correct, there are many types of slurry pump, the transmission medium is different, choose the slurry pump is also different, slurry pump should be carried out in accordance with the transportation of liquid choice, so choose the right of the slurry pump, effectively extending the use of the slurry pump cycle, reduce the amount of maintenance, so as to improve the economic benefits of the factory.

The slag slurry pump should be inspected when installed:

(1) Leveling and alignment of slurry pump should comply with the provisions of equipment technical documents;

(2) According to the characteristics of the slurry pump conveying medium, if necessary, should check the main parts, shaft seals and gaskets material;

(3) All pipelines connected with slurry pump body, installation of pipe fittings and cleaning requirements of lubricating oil pipeline should comply with relevant national standards;

(4) The size, position and elevation of the foundation should meet the design requirements. The anchor bolts must be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation. The machine should not be missing parts, damaged or corroded.