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Reasons for the Severe Vibration of the Centrifugal Mud Sludge Pump


Reasons for the severe vibration of the Centrifugal Mud Sludge Pump

1. When the mud pump is in use, the Centrifugal Mud Sludge Pump may vibrate violently. The reason for this phenomenon may be the imbalance of the electric rotor, or the combination of bad connections, and the bearing wear due to bending.

2. The violent vibration of the mud pump may be mainly due to the loosening or rupture of a part of the working parts of the rotating part; perhaps because the pipeline support is not firm, etc. It can be dealt with by adopting corresponding adjustments, repairs, reinforcements, and replacements.

3. Nut installation If the leakage is not serious, cement can also be applied to the leakage or the leakage or mixed with cement slurry and deasphalted oil can be coated with temporary repair. Some wet mud or soft soap. If the joint leaks, the nut can be tightened by hand. In serious cases, it must be disassembled again.

4. Because the packing work is too tight, the cooling water cannot enter as the packing, or the shaft surface is damaged. The slurry pump can take some measures to loosen the packing, clean the sealing pipe blockage, etc. The wear problem of the packing must Replace with a new one. Before installation, soak in the oil, install it circle by circle, and stagger the cuts to reduce water leakage. The final circle is after the packing is installed, the gland should be tightened, and the tightness should be adjusted during operation.

5. Centrifugal Mud Sludge Pump does not absorb water or drain: the reasons are mostly due to the stuck bottom valve, the siltation of the filtered water, the high water absorption height or the water leakage, or it may be due to the wrong steering or the blockage of the impeller runner. After inspection one by one, measures such as repairing the bottom valve, dredging the silt, correcting the steering, and cleaning the impeller can be taken.

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