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How to reduce the wear of Horizontal Slurry Pump


Methods to reduce the wear of Horizontal Slurry Pump

When designing the slurry pump, considering the reduction of wear, the flow rate of the rotating parts and fluid should be kept low enough, and the section thickness of the cemented carbide lining or elastic lubricating material of the pump body should be increased to meet the needs of actual operation. The radial section of the impeller is generally close to a rectangle, and the front end seal is used on the vertical plane to reduce the axial rotation area. The pump casing is generally designed as a semi-spiral or annular shape. The Horizontal Slurry Pump keeps the size in a wide range near the efficiency point. The amount of wear. When large solids need to be conveyed, the width of the built-in closed impeller is usually larger, and the number of blades should be relatively reduced. The cause of bearing heating failure is: too much or too little bearing lubricant, sundries in the lubricant, bearing damage.

The principle of pump selection is that the type and performance of the selected pump should meet the requirements of process parameters such as device flow, head, temperature, cavitation allowance, and suction. The physical properties of the conveying medium are similar to water, so clean water pumps and Horizontal Slurry Pump can be used. For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or precious media, reliable shaft seals or non-leakage pumps are required, and corrosion-resistant materials are required for flow-through parts. For different media, centrifugal pumps generally have high speed, small size, and Light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, no pulsation, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

When there is a metering requirement, choose a metering pump; the head is required to be very high, the flow is very small, and there is no suitable small flow. When the high-head centrifugal pump can be used, the vortex pump can also be used when the cavitation requirement is not high, the head is very low, and the flow is very high. When the medium is large, you can choose the axial flow pump and the mixed flow pump; when the medium viscosity is large, you can consider the rotor pump or the reciprocating pump; when the flow is small and the viscosity is less, you can choose the vortex pump; for occasions with frequent startup or inconvenient filling , A pump with self-priming performance should be selected.

Assemble the main and driven gears; paste the three sections of soft lead wire to the main and use different materials with grease. For pumps that convey solid particles, wear-resistant materials and special designs are required for the flow-through parts. If necessary, double-end mechanical seals are used. The Horizontal Slurry Pump is flushed and cooled with an external clean liquid, such as slurry pumps and open pumps. Wait. For conveying medium containing small solid particles, corrosive, and large viscosity range, screw pump can be used.

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