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  • Sludge pump technology types are: direct discharge, relay discharge, digging and blowing, underwater sand absorption technology, tide waiting construction technology, mud pouring bag construction technology. Here are a few examples:


  • Before installation of slurry pump,there are many types of slurry pump, the transmission medium is different, choose the slurry pump is also different, slurry pump should be carried out in accordance with the transportation of liquid choice, so choose the right of the slurry pump, effectively extending the use of the slurry pump cycle, reduce the amount of maintenance, so as to improve the economic benefits of the factory.


  • Slurry pump packing is mainly used to seal the rotating shaft of the slurry pump. Its primary function is to prevent the slurry from leaking out of the pump. However, sometimes the pump packing may fail, resulting in serious leakage.


  • Determine the specific cause of seal failure. Common causes include abrasive wear, improper installation, misalignment, excessive heat, chemical attack, or inadequate lubrication. Understanding the root cause will help in implementing the appropriate solution.


  • It's important to note that addressing cavitation in slurry pumps may require a combination of these steps and may vary depending on the specific pump and application.


  • Vibration and noise in slurry pumps can occur due to various reasons, and it's important to address them to ensure the pump's efficient and reliable operation.