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  • Sludge pump technology types are: direct discharge, relay discharge, digging and blowing, underwater sand absorption technology, tide waiting construction technology, mud pouring bag construction technology. Here are a few examples:


  • Before installation of slurry pump,there are many types of slurry pump, the transmission medium is different, choose the slurry pump is also different, slurry pump should be carried out in accordance with the transportation of liquid choice, so choose the right of the slurry pump, effectively extending the use of the slurry pump cycle, reduce the amount of maintenance, so as to improve the economic benefits of the factory.


  • Multistage water pump has vertical type and horizontal type. Multistage water pump referred to a pump with two or more impellers. Multistage water pump is a centrifugal pump which is composed of the inlet,outlet suction and middle suction through the pull rod. It has high output water pressure and it also rely on the rotation of the impeller to obtain the centrifugal power.When the gas density reaches the working range of the mechanical vacuum pump, the multistage water pump will gradually obtain a high vacuum.


  • We are Depump Technology Shijiangzhuang Co.,Ltd. Nothing can stop us. We are specialized in producing centrifugal pump, such as slurry pump, water pump, submersible slurry & sewage pump etc. Slurry pump is a common industrial pump, slurry pump can make big influence in handling sand, slurry etc. Next please let me introduce the slurry pump.


  • What are the wearing parts of centrifugal pumps? Answer: Bearings, shaft sleeves, impeller mouth rings, casing mouth rings, mechanical seal dynamic and static rings, sealing rings, wheel rubber rings, cancellation coupling spring washers, etc.


  • The impeller is the only part in the vane fluid machine that transmits energy to the fluid, through which the mechanical energy of the prime mover is converted into the kinetic energy and pressure energy of the fluid.