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  • rubber lined vertical slurry pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, environmental protection and other sectors.
    When the pump shaft is parallel to the horizontal plane, it is called horizontal slurry pump; When the pump shaft position is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, it is called vertical slurry pump.
    Because the general vertical slurry pump is used in the slurry tank pit to pump slurry, the pump head part should be placed below the liquid level, so it is also called submerged slurry pump, but not all of the whole into the water, if the motor and other non pump head parts are also put into the slurry, it is called submersible slurry pump.

  • MSP Series Heavy Duty Industrial Centrifugal Vertical Horizontal Mining Mineral Processing Metal Rubber Abrasion Wear-Resisting Chrome Water Sand Mud Slurry Pump
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  • Vertical slurry pump, also called submerged slurry pump, is a kind of long-axis submerged pump, which can be immersed in liquid to work. Vertical sump slurry pumps are suitable for conveying the slurry of pools below the ground, because horizontal pumps usually have no suction lift, so they cannot deliver to pools dug from the ground.

  • The MSS submersible slurry pump is a hydraulic machine that has a motor and a water pump coaxially submerged into the medium.Welcome to buy submersible slurry pump with agitator from us.

  • Submersible dredging slurry pump is suitable for transporting slurry containing abrasive particles such as sand, coal slag and tailings, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, power, chemical industry, environmental protection, river dredging, sand pumping, municipal engineering and other industries. The product is easy to install and move, has high slag extraction efficiency, and can operate safely in harsh conditions for a long time. It is an ideal product to replace the traditional vertical submerged pump and submersible sewage pump.

  • Centrifugal Electric Hydraulic Submersible Slurry Pump Gravel Pump Sand Pump Mud Pump for Sand Dredging with Agitator Cutters. You can rest assured to buy electric submersible slurry pump from us.