Vertical Slurry Pump

1、What is a vertical slurry pump What is a vertical slurry pump

SP vertical slurry pumps is a vertical single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump structure, the impeller is a semi-open impeller, and a stirring blade is provided at the extension of the suction side of the impeller. Mainly used in environmental protection, municipal engineering, thermal power plants, gas coking plants, oil refineries, steel mills, mining, paper industry, cement plants, food plants, printing and dyeing and other industries to pump concentrated liquid, heavy oil, oil residue, dirty liquid , mud, mortar, quicksand and flowing sludge in urban sewage channels, as well as fluids and corrosive liquids containing mud, sand and slag.

DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps is connected with the hydraulic parts of the pump by bearing seat, support seat and connecting pipe. The liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet pipe part. The impeller of the pump is a semi-open impeller. The main feature is that the pump shaft in the submerged part has sufficient rigidity, there is no bearing between the impeller and the pump casing, and no shaft seal is used, which can transport the medium containing a large concentration of fixed particles. The length of the pump inserted into the liquid is between 800-2000mm, if necessary, it can be equipped with a suction pipe. The shaft seal is run by a larger pump inserted into the liquid, without shaft seal, the transmission is installed on the motor support and the support seat by a vertical motor, and is connected with the pump by a coupling. The vertical slurry pumps is connected to the motor through an elastic coupling, and the pump rotates clockwise from the direction of the prime mover.

2、What are the characteristics of vertical slurry pumps? What are the characteristics of vertical slurry pumps?
DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps adopts the auxiliary impeller to reduce the back pressure of the impeller and prolong the life of the seal. At the same time, the overflow parts are made of white wear-resistant cast iron, which is anti-abrasion. The flow parts and inner lining of the pump are made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant wear-resistant rubber, so that the service life is longer. In addition, the vertical slurry pumps also has the characteristics of light weight and convenient installation.

3、How does a vertical slurry pumps work?
DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps is rotated in the rolling bearing by the pump body, the bearing seat, and the solid connection impeller at the lower end of the vertical shaft. The two ends of the bearing seat are pressed by the gland and the rolling bearing, and the lubricating oil of the bearing must be sealed without leakage. The pump body is equipped with a motor bracket and a motor, and the impeller rotates in the pump chamber through the V-belt, and the pulp is pressed by the pressure of the impeller. out. In order to prevent ore from penetrating into the bearing, a centrifugal wheel is installed on the main shaft.

4、Vertical slurry pumps application Vertical slurry pumps application
Vertical slurry pumps are mainly used to transport mud, mortar, ore pulp and similar liquids containing suspended solid particles. Such as oil drilling mud purification system, concentrator conveying concentrate slurry, tailing, coal slime, etc. It is suitable for conveying abrasive or corrosive slurry in various mining, chemical, electric power, building materials, agriculture and other industries.

5、Operation and monitoring
A, Before starting DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps, the inlet valve of the pump should be unfolded and the outlet valve of the pump should be closed. Then start the pump, and then slowly open the pump outlet valve after the pump starts. The size and speed of the pump outlet valve opening should be controlled by the pump not vibrating and the motor not exceeding the rated current.
B, the pump in series is started, and the above method is also followed. After the first stage pump is turned on, the outlet valve of the last stage pump can be opened a little (the opening size should be 1/4 of the rated current of the first stage pump motor), and then the second stage and third stage can be started successively until the last stage pump. After the series pumps are all started, the outlet valve of the final pump can be gradually opened. The speed of the valve opening should be controlled by the pump not vibrating and the motor of any stage pump not exceeding the rated current.

VOperation and monitoring
C, DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps is mainly for the purpose of conveying flow. It is best to install a flow meter (meter) in the operation monitoring system to monitor whether the flow meets the requirements at any time; The filter dewatering system also requires a certain pressure at the outlet of the pipeline. Pressure gauges should also be installed in such systems to monitor pressure compliance.
D, In addition to monitoring the flow and pressure during the operation of DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps, it is also necessary to monitor the motor not to exceed the rated current of the motor. Monitor at any time whether oil seals, bearings, etc. lead to normal phenomena, whether the pump is evacuated or overflowing, and deal with it at any time.

6、 What should be paid attention to in the operation of vertical slurry pumps
A, Pay attention to the temperature of the pump bearing, which should not exceed the external temperature of 35 degrees but should not exceed 75 degrees at the highest.
B, the oil cup should be filled with calcium-based butter to ensure that the bearing can be lubricated normally.
C, The butter in the motor support oil cup should be replaced within the first month of operation of the pump, or after 100 hours of operation, and after every 2000 hours of operation.
D, Regularly check the elastic coupling and pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor bearing.
E, In the process of moving, if you find noise or unusual sound, you should stop and check immediately.
F, The pump should be checked periodically every 2000 hours of operation. The friction loss of the gap between the impeller and the pump body (or pump cover) should not be too large, and the maximum value of the gap should not exceed 1.5 mm. If it exceeds, the impeller or pump cover can be replaced.

7、How to choose vertical slurry pumps?
Many users are at a loss when choosing a slurry pump because they don't know much about the slurry pump. I will tell you here that it is not that difficult. There are two types of vertical slurry pumps: SP and ZJL. How should we choose?
A, The first is to refer to the parameters required for the operation. The slurry pump must be selected first. According to the selection parameters, DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps with appropriate efficiency and lower power, SP and zjl are both possible, according to the actual comparison. select;
B, The other is to choose according to the conveyed medium. Since some mediums are acidic and alkaline, the metal material is not necessarily suitable. If we must choose the rubber-lined material, then we can only choose the SPR type submerged vertical slurry pumps;
C, In addition, looking at the particle characteristics, SP only has an open impeller, which is relatively better in passing, while the ZJL vertical slurry pumps adopts a closed impeller, which is relatively poor in passing.
Considering the above three perspectives, we have to choose two types of vertical slurry pumps according to the actual situation. We have excellent slurry pump selection engineers who can choose a suitable vertical slurry pumps for you.
Slurry pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, which is mainly used to transport the mixture of water and solid particles. Generally, it mainly consists of ore pulp, ore sand, mud and so on. The slurry pump can be divided into vertical slurry pumps and horizontal slurry pump.

8、Case of vertical slurry pumps Case of vertical slurry pumps
The mechanical seal of DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps used in a coal washing plant in Ningxia is easy to be damaged. Since 2004, the cantilever maintenance-free vertical slurry pumps has been used, and it has been used well so far. The bearing is above the liquid level, and the bearing body is lengthened. And there is a stirring blade extending from the suction side of the impeller, which can chop the solid material when it is pumped, return stirring during work, mechanically break it, and prevent clogging.

Although the vertical slurry pumps has a wide range of uses, the correct application is very important. Due to the limitations of its name, DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps has caused some people who are not in the industry to misunderstand it. In the application process of the vertical slurry pumps, we must pay attention to reasonable design, correct calculation, and suitable model selection. , these points are very important.

9、What parameters are required for slurry pump selection? What parameters are required for slurry pump selection?
A, The necessary parameters for slurry pump selection are: lift, flow, and industry, which are the basic conditions for slurry pump selection and calculation;
B, In addition to these parameters mentioned above, it is necessary to have: slurry concentration, pipeline, PH value, even altitude, natural temperature, slurry temperature, etc. in order to more accurately select a better slurry pump.
C, Of course, as long as the user provides the head and flow parameters, our engineers can choose the appropriate slurry pump model for you according to rich practical applications, but we must remember that head and flow are necessary parameters.

10、The Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps
Vertical pump, also called vertical slurry pumps, is a long-axis submerged pump, which can be immersed in the liquid to work, and can work normally under the condition of insufficient suction, and can run idly. It is suitable for conveying the slurry of the pool below the ground, because the horizontal pump usually has no suction, and it cannot be conveyed for the pool dug under the ground.

The horizontal slurry pump is a horizontal pump installed on the ground. It usually needs to be installed backwards, so that the slurry can automatically flow into the pump cavity without turning on the pump. If you want to know more, please consult DEPUMP® TECHNOLOG. There are professional slurry pump selection engineers to answer your questions.

1. Start-up method: DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps does not need to be backed up to start, the impeller is located underwater, and the suction performance is good, so a higher speed can be used, and it can work normally under the condition of insufficient suction; the horizontal slurry pump Requires back flow installation.
2. Installation area: DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps occupies a small area and is light in weight. If the slurry pump uses a limited area, DEPUMP® vertical slurry pumps can be appropriately selected; the horizontal slurry pump occupies a large area and needs to be installed. occupies a large area.
3. Structural features: vertical slurry pumps are of single pump shell structure; horizontal slurry pumps are mostly of double pump shell structure.
4. Maintenance: the working part of the vertical slurry pumps is below the liquid level, which is inconvenient for maintenance; the horizontal slurry pump is located above the water surface, which is convenient for maintenance.

MSP vertical slurry pumps, the flow parts are made of super wear-resistant chromium steel alloy, which is mainly suitable for conveying corrosive, coarse particles and high-concentration slurries. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, environmental protection and other sectors. The pump head can be made into a pulley type. The pump can be lengthened under the liquid.

Vertical Slurry Pumps includes MSP Slurry Pump and MSPR Rubber Lined Slurry Pump. If you want to know more, you can send us an email and we will get back to you soon.

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  • MSP series vertical slurry pump
    Application range: vertical slurry mining pump is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical and other industrial sectors. It is mainly used to transport abrasive slurry containing solid particles. It can be immersed in a pool or pit to work without any shaft seal or shaft seal water.

  • Vertical Heavy Duty Slurry Pumpps Slurry Pump Sand and Gravel Pump Vertical Sump Slurry Pump Use Mining Processing Vertical Sump

  • rubber lined vertical slurry pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, environmental protection and other sectors.
    When the pump shaft is parallel to the horizontal plane, it is called horizontal slurry pump; When the pump shaft position is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, it is called vertical slurry pump.
    Because the general vertical slurry pump is used in the slurry tank pit to pump slurry, the pump head part should be placed below the liquid level, so it is also called submerged slurry pump, but not all of the whole into the water, if the motor and other non pump head parts are also put into the slurry, it is called submersible slurry pump.

  • MSP Series Heavy Duty Industrial Centrifugal Vertical Horizontal Mining Mineral Processing Metal Rubber Abrasion Wear-Resisting Chrome Water Sand Mud Slurry Pump
    Welcome to buy sand mud vertical slurry pump from us.

  • Vertical slurry pump, also called submerged slurry pump, is a kind of long-axis submerged pump, which can be immersed in liquid to work. Vertical sump slurry pumps are suitable for conveying the slurry of pools below the ground, because horizontal pumps usually have no suction lift, so they cannot deliver to pools dug from the ground.

  • At the heart of the Mine Vertical Slurry Pump is its superior vertical design. Unlike horizontal pumps, which can suffer from issues such as sediment buildup and low flow rates, our pump is engineered to maximize flow and minimize maintenance, thanks to its streamlined vertical construction.

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