Vertical Slurry Pump Spare Part

Vertical Slurry Pump Spare Part spare part include: Pump body (volute), impeller, rear guard, bracket, left support plate, bearing body, motor support, outlet pipe, right support plate, etc. We can provide accessories separately.An impeller is a rotating iron or steel disk with blades in a centrifugal pump. The impeller transfers energy from the motor driving the pump to the fluid being pumped by accelerating the fluid radially outward from the center of rotation.Impeller may also be called propellant, turbine, rotor, drive, propulsion.

Vertical Slurry Pump Spare Part spare parts are mainly pump wetted parts, which are in direct contact with mud.

Vertical mud pump components. The vertical mud pump is a cantilever water collection pump, which works underwater to transport mud with high abrasiveness and high density.Vertical mud pump components are dimensionally interchangeable spares.

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  • Slurry pump impeller is mainly flow parts, including: impeller, pump body, pump cover, volute, front guard plate, rear guard plate, auxiliary impeller, shaft sleeve, positioning sleeve, pump shell, bracket, water seal ring, packing gland, packing box, decompression cover, labyrinth ring, etc.

  • A mechanical seal is a shaft sealing device of a rotating machine, which means that at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation are kept in close contact and relatively sliding under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal. Constructed to prevent fluid leakage. Mechanical seal is one of the shaft seal types of slurry pumps.You can rest assured to buy mechanical seal of slurry pump from us.

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